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Boeing 707-138B John Travolta72 viewscorkspotter
Ryanair 737-8AS EI-CSO/DHG87 viewsOld colours meets the new colours at Dublincorkspotter
Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS EI-EBR109 viewsPictured arriving to Dublin from Seattle on delivery to Ryanair as the RYR800Rcorkspotter
Aer Lingus DH84 Iolar EI-ABI220 viewscorkspotter
Heathrow T2 in the late 90s99 viewsThis TAP Airbus A310 at Heathrow during bad weather with lots of Aer Lingus trucks around too. Scanned from a photo.shamrock350
Boeing 747-412 Singapore Airlines229 viewsThis view made in my mind great feeling, like..... Just look. P.S. It was too fast to do perfect photo, but i think this is not too bad. :) Photo made at cruising altitude somewhere over Germany or Netherlands, this one heading probably to London. I was in A320 flying to Warsaw with AerLingus, of course. cyfer
Qantas Boeing 707-138B VH-XBA79 viewsHaving being restored in southend, this 707 passed through Dublin on it's way to Sydney, where it will be placed in a museum for storage. This is one of the original Qantas 707's delivered to the airline as VH-EBA. It will be this 707's last journey.corkspotter
EC-FGM Iberia MD-88 from El Prat106 viewsIt is one of best places to spot, there is special wooden construction to get a great view for spotting and to look around.cyfer

Last additions - Photos from other airports.
SE-CFP Douglas DC-3 Daisy Scandinavian Airlines System274 viewsSE-CFP Douglas DC-3 known as Daisy in Sweden in the beautiful livery of Scandinavian Airlines System at Malmen Air Base, Linkoping, Sweden on 2nd June, 2012.1 commentsPurple TaxiJun 19, 2012
Why did KLM 755 on 29th March, 2012 not divert to Cork?106 viewsPH-BQN Boeing 777-200ER KLM being pushed back at Amsterdam on 4th April, 2012. It has been reported elsewhere that this aircraft operating as the KLM 755 from Ecuador to Amsterdam on 29th March, 2012 wanted to divert to Cork with a sick passenger aboard. However, for reasons which have yet to be made clear, the aircraft diverted instead to Shannon. Why?Purple TaxiApr 10, 2012
UEFA Cup traffic at DUB116 viewscorkspotterDec 07, 2011
Socata TB9 EI-LEM at Kilkenny86 viewscorkspotterNov 14, 2011
Dassault Falcon 900EX112 viewsDassault Falcon 900EX (EINN)Arti747Aug 22, 2011
Ralleye G-BBGC at Kilkenny88 viewscorkspotterAug 11, 2011
G-BUGE at Kilkenny98 viewscorkspotterAug 11, 2011
Ex EI-PJW at Junction 8 of the N788 viewscorkspotterAug 11, 2011

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