EI-CPE Airbus A321-100 Aer Lingus292 viewsEI-CPE Airbus A321-100 Aer Lingus as the EI722 taxiing out for Taxiway Bravo before backtracking for takeoff from runway 35 for Heathrow on a beautiful autumn day on 11th October, 2013.Purple Taxi
EI-FCC Airbus A320-214 Aer Lingus209 viewsEI-FCC Airbus A320-214 Aer Lingus. First visit to Cork by this A320 on 15th July, 2013 which is on a summer lease to Aer Lingus. She positioned in to Cork after EI-DEM went tech to operate the EI846/7 flight to Brussels and she is seen here backtracking runway 35 for takeoff.Purple Taxi
EI-DEB Airbus A320-214 Aer Lingus164 viewsEI-DEB Airbus A320-214 Aer Lingus seen here rotating off runway 35 as the EI712 to London Heathrow on 13th July, 2013Purple Taxi
OM-BEX Boeing 737-300 Arkefly159 viewsOM-BEX Boeing 737-300 Arkefly. This aircraft is on lease to Arkefly from the Slovakian company, Air Explore, for the summer period, 2013. She is seen on pushback at Cork Airport on 28th June, 2013 for a flight to Reus.Purple Taxi
EI-DEL Airbus A320-214 Aer Lingus145 viewsEI-DEL Airbus A320-214 Aer Lingus as the EI897 from Faro conducting a go around off runway 17 at Cork on 11th July, 2013.Purple Taxi
Ryanair Boeing 737-800132 viewsRyanair flight FR9901 bound for Malaga starting push back from Stand 7.jameszysull
G-CELJ Boeing 737-300 Jet2154 viewsG-CELJ Boeing 737-300 Jet2 seen here blasting off from runway 35 for Newcastle after a shower of rain on 27th May, 2013.Purple Taxi
EI-FXE ATR-42-300F FedEx Feeder134 viewsEI-FXE ATR-42-300F FedEx Feeder on finals to runway 35 from Shannon operating the one daily cargo flight which remains at Cork Airport.Purple Taxi
EI-EVE Boeing 737-8AS Ryanair162 viewsEI-EVE Boeing 737-8AS Ryanair on pushback from Cork's Stand 10 for takeoff from runway 17 to Wroclaw with TC-OBR Airbus A321 Onur backtracking 17 after landing from Izmir.Purple Taxi
G-GDFO Boeing 737-300 Jet2145 viewsG-GDFO Boeing 737-300 Jet. The Channex 535 from Newcastle close to touchdown to runway 17 at dusk on Sunday, 5th May, 2013.Purple Taxi
EI-EFG Boeing 737-8AS Ryanair138 viewsEI-EFG Boeing 737-8AS Ryanair. The return flight to Wroclaw is about to taxi to runway 17 for takeoff on Sunday, 5th May, 2013.Purple Taxi
Airbus A320119 viewsAirbus A320 Aer Lingus "St Schira", back track runway 35, shortly before departure.arwic
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