LY-FLC Boeing 737-300 Small Planet Airlines117 viewsLY-FLC Boeing 737-300 Small Planet Airlines seen here just airbourne off runway 35 bound for Rome FCO after bringing another complement of young Italian children to Cork for some more English practise!Purple Taxi
D-ADNA Airbus A319109 viewsD-ADNA Airbus A319 which arrived in Cork from Shannon with Bruce Springstein's support team on 16th July, 2013.Purple Taxi
EC-HDS Boeing 757-256 Privilege131 viewsEC-HDS Boeing 757-256 Privilege just a few moments from touchdown to runway 35 on Monday, 15th July, 2013. This 757 was operating an Arkefly flight from Lanzarote which was delayed from the previous night when the ususal 737 went tech.Purple Taxi
EC-FLP Airbus A320-214 Iberia Express133 viewsEC-FLP Airbus A320-214 Iberia Express arrived in Cork in the early hours of Saturday, 29th June, 2013 with another load of young Spanish children coming to Cork to practise their English skills for a few weeks!Purple Taxi
EC-JZV Canadair CRJ-900ER Air Nostrum128 viewsEC-JZV Canadair CRJ-900ER Air Nostrum about to touch down on runway 35 at Cork Airport on Friday, 28th June, 2013 from Madrid Barajas with a complement of young Madridlenos coming to Cork for a few weeks to practise their English language skills!Purple Taxi
EC-LEA Airbus A320-214 Iberia Express114 viewsEC-LEA Airbus A320-214 Iberia Express touching down on runway 35 on 28th June, 2013 on a flight from Madrid Barajas with some students coming to Cork to practise their English language skills for a few weeks.Purple Taxi
EC-JHK Boeing 737-85P Air Europa116 viewsEC-JHK Boeng 737-85P Air Europa in the colours of the Sky Team alliance at Cork Airport on 25th June, 2013 lined up for takeoff on the return flight to Palma de Mallorca. First time visitor to Cork and first visit by an airliner in the Sky Team colours.Purple Taxi
OE-LEY Airbus A320-214 Flynikki 111 viewsOE-LEY Airbus A320-214 Flynikki taxiing out for takeoff from runway 17 on 5th July, 2013 after a rare inbound charter to Cork from Vienna. Flynikki are now a part of Air Berlin group and their colour scheme is now to the fore in the Flynikki aeroplanes.Purple Taxi
EC-JHL Boeing 737-85P Air Europa107 viewsEC-JHL Boeing 737-85P Air Europa taxiing out for takeoff to Palma de Mallorca on 2nd July, 2013. A first visit to Cork.Purple Taxi
EI-IKG Airbus A320-214 Alitalia98 viewsEI-IKG Airbus A320-214 Alitalia taxiing out for takeoff from runway 17 on the return flight to Rome FCO on 2nd July, 2013 after bring a complement of Italian youngsters to Cork to practise their English language skills!Purple Taxi
LY-FLE Boeing 737-300 Small Planet Airlines95 viewsLY-FLE Boeing737-300 Small Planet Airlines taxiing out for runway 17 with an Alitalia trip number on the return flight to Rome FCO after bringing a load of Italian youngsters to Cork to practise their English skills!Purple Taxi
TC-OBZ Airbus A321-231 Onur Air103 viewsTC-OBZ Airbus A321-231 Onur Air touching down on Cork's runway 35 on Sunday, 23rd June, 2013. A few seconds earlier the sun was shining brightly and then a cloud appered to spoil the light! First visit to Cork by this Onur Air A321.Purple Taxi
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