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EI-DDX Cessna 172541 viewsEI-DDX Cessna 172S of Atlantic Flight Training, Cork.AidanMar 22, 2006
Aer Lingus EI-DEB206 viewsAer Lingus A320 EI-DEB on approach runway 35.AidanMar 22, 2006
463 viewscorkspotterMar 22, 2006
274 viewsEC-INQ of Future but operated in the colours of Binter went Tech all day on the 04th March which gave this photo oppertunity with the nice winter evening sunlight.corkspotterMar 22, 2006
BMI Regional298 viewsG-CCYH operating the regular Leeds Bradford service. If you look closely you can see the stored AN2 on the firedump. Does anyone have the reg of the AN2?1 commentscorkspotterMar 22, 2006
New Airbridge571 viewsThe sole airbridge to be commissioned for use in the new Cork Airport terminal.AidanMar 18, 2006
G-BRYX Dash 8227 viewsCitijet had this Dash 8 filling in for the usual BAe146 one day in July 2005.AidanMar 18, 2006
DHL Boeing 757-200F336 viewsTaking off on a good summers evening in June 2005, passing by the moon.AidanMar 18, 2006
EC-ISY Boeing 752667 viewsThis operated a number of chater flights from Cork to Lourdes over the summer of 2005. It is an ex-Brittania Boeing 752AidanMar 18, 2006
Air Croatia A320728 viewsAir Croatia operated holiday flights to Croatia over the summer of 2005. This A320, 9A-CTJ is seen on short final runway 35 in August.AidanMar 17, 2006
Aerial Picture of terminal827 viewsNew Cork Airport terminal under construction, August 2005.2 commentsAidanMar 17, 2006
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