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Airport 64!338 viewsA tranquil scene taken from the ramp on 30/7/1964 shows Aer Lingus Viscount EI-AMA preparing for a flight to London. Note the handful of people on the balconies, a stark contrast with todays vista!G Frost55555
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Oops!!!549 viewsDuring the summer of 1982, Dove VP-YKF was to be seen hauling cargos of fish to France on a regular basis. This all came to an abrupt end one August evening when the nosewheel did not fully extend resulting in the incident seen above. Note the Avair Shorts 330 on 25 just above it.G Frost55555
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CanForce CC-130H189 viewsCanadian Air Force Hercules caught on short finals to runway 17 in May 1974G Frost55555
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JFK visit to Cork (1)196 viewsOne of the support aircraft for the visit of President Kennedy to Cork on 28/6/1963 was S-58 71739 of the US Army. G Frost44444
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S-61265 viewsThe visit by President Kennedy to Cork in 1963 brought a number of helicopters which we went to the airport to see. In this fuzzy low tech black and white image, two S-61s are departing from the main ramp, reg nos 150611 and 150613. Of note is the fact that they are operated by the US Army rather than the more familiar Marines.G Frost33333
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Helio Courier226 viewsHelio Courier G-ARMU, seen here on a foggy day in 1969, was owned by jerry O'Leary who had a farm strip near Macroom. It was re-registered EI-ATG and a year later was returned to the UK.G Frost33333
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US Coast Guard C-54322 viewsUS Coast Guard C-54S 9147 brightens the south ramp in May 1966, having flown a long way from Elizabeth City, New Jersey. Note the cleanliness of the machine!G Frost22222
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USAF C-130 Hercules186 viewsTaken from the crash gate at the end of Rwy 07, this photo shows a USAF C-130 Hercules climbing out from 35 in May 1975G Frost22222
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T29224 viewsUSAF Convair T-29 navigation trainer, 0-17901, on the South Ramp in June 1968. Note the row of astrodomes on the roof.G Frost22222
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USAF C-130299 viewsUSAF C-130 Rescue Hercules on the ramp one foggy saturday morning in May 1975.G Frost11111
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Noratlas222 viewsPrior to the C-160 Transalls being used for training flights by the French Air Force int Cork, Noratlas aircraft were common sights. Here an example back-tracks RWY 35 with its Hercules slieve valve engines popping and crackling and its braking system hissing and squealing! Sure beats the roar of a jet engine!!!!G Frost00000
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